Apple and Google can collaborate to add Google’s Generative AI features to Apple’s iPhone. The collaboration can be beneficial for Apple to launch its upcoming AI features in iOS 18. Google’s chatbot is already leading the marketplaces. Thus, it will be a good idea to work in collaboration. Apart from that, Apple is also working on developing its AI-based features. Google’s AI features will run from the devices, not from the cloud. Let us explore Apple and Google’s new collaboration and features below.

Apple iPhone to get 'Gemini' Google's generative Ai Feature in latest Models

Apple And Google To Collaborate For Using Google’s Generative Features In Apple’s iPhone

Apple is working on developing its AI power daily. It is adding new impressive features to its list to make its products work better. Everyone is curious to know to about about Apple’s upcoming new features in iOS 18. As the company is working actively on the project. Apple is discussing its partnership with Google. However, things are not final yet.

We all know the power of Google’s chatbot. It is working effectively to deliver a lot of new services to the users. People use their writing skills to craft different quotations, articles, essays songs, and many more things. Apart from that, there are features of image generation as well, which take it to another level. This collaboration can bring something interesting to the market.

Apple is working on a language model, Ajax. However, many sources mention Google and other AI competitors are still ahead in the race, compared to Apple. The company is working on the use of some features from Google and the collaboration is not much far away to come in action. However, we have to wait till June to hear the final decision for the collaboration from the companies. Until then, there will be discussion ongoing.

The AI game became really big after the launch of the Chat GPT. Google’s Bard gives equally good competition to chat GPT and other AI chatbots. Earlier, chatbots were not able to have self-learning and conversations on their own. However, it is now increasing on an everyday basis. Currently, AI is said to be as active as a child’s brain. Having a faster learning capacity than humans takes it to another level. We will update you about the final deal after the official announcement. There are a lot of controversies going on about this collaboration. Thus, it is certain that we will see something impressive in the iPhone’s upcoming models.

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