Apple and Open AI confirm their deal together. The two companies will be partnering for the launch of the generative AI features in iOS 18 which will be coming this year. The companies have not shared much about this collaboration at the moment. However, Apple might talk about this collaboration in its WWDC event in 2024 happening next month on 10 June. It might talk about generative AI for the first time in its event providing a lot of insights to the people and the developers there.


Apple And Open AI Deal Confirmes

Apple and Open AI have confirmed their partnership for the new project. The iOS 18 will have the use of generative AI features of Open AI. Thus, we will see the AI features in the upcoming models of Apple like the iPhone 16, iPad, and Mac. The company will also integrate special features like a customizable home screen and the SIRI advancements in smartphones. Open AI has been the top AI company. However, there does not look much benefit for the Open AI in the deal. The company will be sharing its Chat GPT features with the smartphone company. However, there does not seem any monetary gain in return for the Open AI directly.

It is still said to be a billion-dollar deal for Open AI as the company might monetise this collaboration by encouraging users to buy the advanced paid version of the chat GPT. It will have access to a large Apple user base in that matter. However, the company has not mentioned any such thing yet. Thus, we need to have more patience and wait more for the actual strategies of the two companies.

Apple has been in controversy for this collaboration for the past week. There were speculations that Apple might choose Google’s Gemini for the same feature. However, Apple decided to go with Open AI. Other smartphone companies like Samsung have Google’s Gemini integration in their smartphone. Apart from that, Open AI also have some deals with Microsoft. The CEO of the company Satya Nadella has also spoken about it. The CEO has shown direct concern about Open AI’s deal with Microsoft and the effect of the current deal on their existing deal.

Apple is planning to play a big game at the moment, As the company has always stayed ahead in the innovation, they are also planning to have AI integration with Siri. The company might have its own generative AI development with the help of Open AI later.

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