Axalta and Xaar have joined forces in a strategic partnership to create an innovative solution known as. This pioneering technology is a sustainable digital paint application specifically tailored for the transportation sector. By harnessing Xaar’s drop-on-demand inkjet expertise, Axalta NextJet revolutionizes the process of applying paint by offering remarkable precision in paint placement.

Axalta NextJet

Through this collaboration, Axalta NextJet brings a range of benefits to the table. It introduces a level of design flexibility that was previously unattainable, particularly for two-tone vehicles. This advancement empowers customers to incorporate intricate patterns, details, and even images onto their vehicles, all while upholding sustainability principles. One of the standout features of this digital paint coating technology is its ability to substantially reduce the need for masking, thus cutting down on labor, energy, and waste. In turn, this boosts both productivity and efficiency rates, presenting a compelling case for its adoption.

The environmental advantages of Axalta NextJet are noteworthy. By leveraging this technology, manufacturers could potentially achieve a significant 30% decrease in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the efficiency gains and waste reduction translate into tangible cost savings, especially for those engaged in producing two-tone vehicles.

Expressing enthusiasm about this collaboration, Hadi Awada, Axalta’s Senior Vice President for Mobility, emphasizes that Axalta NextJet is the fruit of the strategic amalgamation of Xaar’s cutting-edge inkjet technology and Axalta’s proprietary paint formulated for jetting. This unique fusion builds upon Axalta’s ongoing investments in the realm of digital paint research and development.

The synergistic technological solution, born from this partnership, is presently undergoing rigorous testing with select customers. It holds the potential to enter full-scale production as early as 2024. This development signifies a significant stride forward in the realm of sustainable and precise paint application for the transportation industry.

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