Bajaj launched the world’s first CNG bike named the Bajaj Freedom. It operates on both Petrol and CNG. The bike is economical and everyone can afford it. Bike is a demand of everyone in today’s life. It is the most common way to commute. Bajaj Freedom will provide a budget-friendly option to the users. Its speciality is that it has petrol and CNG options that users can switch from one another. More details about Bajaj Freedom’s price, features and mileage are as follows.

Bajaj Launched World's First CNG Bike Bajaj Freedom

Bajaj Freedom Will Launch World’s 1st CNG Bike

Bajaj Freedom will launch the world’s first CNG bike. This bike will have a speciality in that. It will have a switch option between the petrol and the CNG. It will initially launch in only a few parts of India and other countries. States like Gujarat and Maharashtra will have the bikes available. Apart from that, some countries like Egypt, Tanzania, Peru, Indonesia, and Bangladesh will have the model available. The model is Freedom 125. Following are the features of this new model.


Bajaj Auto will have a 125 cc engine. It is a normal range for any bike in the economy class. As the bike operates on both Petrol and CNG, it will save the riders costs as riders can shift their mode according to their need. Bajaj Freedom 125 has a price of Rs. 95,000. At the same time, it can go up to Rs. 1,10,000 (ex-showroom price). There will be different nozzles for both CNG and Petrol. If we talk about the capacity, petrol will hold 2 litres and CNG will have a 2 kg capacity.

Bajaj Freedom’s full CNG tank will help you cover up to 213 km. While a full petrol tank of CNG will help you cover up to 117 km. Thus, Bajaj Freedom 125 gives a total of 330 km of range. While the average efficiency will be 102 km/kg for CNG and 64 km/l for petrol. The bike has other special features like the front disc brake and a rear drum brake. It provides an add-on security to the bike rider. Bajaj Freedom comes with a 125 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with fuel injection. Apart from that it gives 9.4 bhp and 9.7 nm of torque.

The physical structure of the bike also gives a stunning look with the round handlamp. While its flat seat gives comfort while riding the bike. It also has centre-set foot pegs for a neutral riding position. Thus, one interested in the bike can have its booking from today.

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