In the last six months, the cosmetics industry in India witnessed significant growth, with over 100 million cosmetic items sold, generating a revenue of Rs 5,000 crore. Approximately 40 percent of these purchases were made online. According to a study by Kantar Worldpanel, Indian consumers spent an average of Rs 1,214 on colored cosmetics within this period. Lip products were the top-selling items, accounting for 38 per cent of overall sales, closely followed by nail products, reflecting the diversification of beauty purchases among Indian shoppers.

Indian Cosmetics Industry Marked Rs 5000 Cr Revenue In Last Six Months

Indian Women Spent Rs 5000 Cr On Cosmetics!

The study highlighted the increasing influence of working women in the cosmetics market. They contributed significantly to makeup sales both online and offline, spending 1.6 times more on beauty products than the overall average. Shoppers Stop also reported conducting over 150,000 makeovers in the current quarter, indicating consumers’ growing interest in interacting with makeup artists and brands to learn more about the products they purchase.

The study identified that retailers’ recommendations influenced more than one-third of purchases, while social media also played a significant role, particularly among younger consumers. Different age groups showed preferences for specific cosmetic items, with older individuals favoring lipstick and nail polish, while younger individuals opted for primer and tinted lip balm.

Ashutosh Valani, founder of Renee Cosmetics, observed that Indians are embracing a wider range of products, moving beyond traditional items like kajal and lipstick to include primers, eye shadows, and concealers. Consumers doesn’t tend to limit themselves, and spend on products based on their special occasions and even, has a seperate section of everyday wear. 

K Ramakrishnan, the managing director of South Asia, Worldpanel Division, Kantar, emphasized upon the growing potential of the beauty sector with stage of time – as the number of working women are rapidly increasing in the workforce, and which will definitely cater towards growth on much anticipated pedestal. 

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