Cyclone Remal showed its effects in West Bengal. The cyclone hit the land on Sunday, 26 May 2024 at 8:30 p.m. Areas like Sagar Island and Khepupara were the most affected. The effects of the cyclone are severe. Thus, the areas like Sundarbans, Sagar Island, and Kakdwip were evacuated. Conditions like cyclones and high-speed wind often lead to a lot of infrastructural damage. The low-lying areas are affected the most. According to the meteorological department, the cyclone is to extend more.

Cyclone Remal

Bangladesh And West Bengal Facing Cyclone Remal

Cyclone Remal reaches the land of Bangladesh and West Bengal at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. There were high-speed winds and heavy rainfall. It affected the areas including Sagar Island and Khepupara in West Bengal, India. While areas of Bangladesh including Southwest Mongla were also affected. The wind was moving at a speed of 135 kmph. Thus, it leads to a lot of destruction in the area.

The destruction includes the loss of electric connections as the poles were knocked down. Apart from that, delicate things were destroyed and the trees were also uprooted. The affected areas are filled with water and mud. The meteorological department predicted that the storm would move northwards. After that, it will shift northeastwards. The effectiveness of the storm will be reduced by Monday morning. However, the rainfall in areas like Kakadwip, Sagar Island, and Sundarbans is expected to increase further.

Around 1 Lakh people were already moved from their places. A wall also collapsed after the heavy rainfall. Cyclone leads to discontinuation of transportation systems in the area. The airlines have cancelled the flights from Kolkata Airport due to intense weather conditions. The flight is expected to continue after 21 hours. There are almost 394 flights delayed or shifted due to the storm. Apart from that, trains are also cancelled for the regions.

The cancellation will affect the travel of a lot of people. Those who have lost their habitat are now shifted to a safer place until the storm relives. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also made a check to ensure proper arrangements for the position. An individual gets injured due to a wall collapse in the Bibir Bagan area. The storms and other disasters lead to a lot of panic and discomfort among the people. However, everyone is assured about their safety. Several steps will be taken to normalize the condition after the storm. While Bangladesh is also taking similar steps for the protection of people from the disaster.

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