Delhi Budget 2024 makes highlights on the internet with some interesting schemes like Mukhya Mantri Mahila Samman Yojna launching right there. The city has a total budget allocation of Rs. 76,000 Crore, which will be distributed in different areas. We will share details about the Delhi Budget 2024 announcement and things shared during the announcement below. The current year’s budget will focus more on the increase in the healthcare and education sector. Let us explore more about Delhi Budget 2024 below.

Delhi Budget 2024: Highlights, and Major Announcement

Delhi Budget 2024 Announcement

Delhi Budget 2024 is a total of Rs. 76,000 crores. It is said to include the development of health, infrastructure, education, poor, and women’s well-being schemes. The CM announces Rs. 1000 for every woman above 18 years in Delhi. The budget session will end on 8 March 2024, the day of Shivratri, and start a day after Basant Panchami. The scheme will have a budget of Rs. 2,000 crore distributing Rs. 1,000 to all women.

Delhi’s Budget for 2024-25 will invest around Rs. 16,396 crore for education. It will help the children access better education facilities and improve the curriculum for them. It will focus on the increase of skill-based learning in the city. Apart from that, the government will focus on the health care sector as well, providing around rs. 8,685 crores in the health sector. It will help in the improvement of the government hospitals and healthcare facilities. There is a need for improvement in the medical field in government. Thus, it will be crucial for them to handle all the healthcare facilities in the hospitals.

The Delhi government will spend a good amount on infrastructure development like metro lines, railways, fly-overs, roads, and more. There will be 1,000 km of road construction which will take place in the city in village areas. It will make the city and its experience more comforable.

The government wants to focus on making India more clean and green. MP Manoj Tiwari mentions that the Kejriwal-led government will be taken over by Saffron Part, coming into power in 2025. It will be their last budget presentation. From the total budget of India, Delhi has one of the lowest budgets with a total of of 1.55% for the UT only. There will be a lot of development in the other areas. However, these will be the key areas of development. We hope you get enough details about the Delhi Budget 2024 live updates above. We will provide more details in the upcoming days as well. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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