Delhi High Court decided to dismiss CM Arvind Kejriwal’s plea for bail until his continuation of the chief minister tenure. Arvind Kejriwal’s supporters are in shock after the decision. Apart from that, the petitioner who filed the PIL is also in the highlights. As per the details, the petitioner is a law student. He is now fined a Rs. 75,000 fine. As per the officials, the student does not attend classes properly and does not have adequate knowledge in his field and the power to represent Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi High Court Dismisses the Plea For Kejriwal Bail Until His Chief Minister Tenure Completes

Arvind Kejriwal Plea For Bail Dismisses Until His Tenure As Delhi CM

CM Arvind Kejriwal’s plea for bail is dismissed. As per the High Court orders, he will remain under custody until his tenure as a CM finishes. Apart from that, the petitioner has to pay Rs. 75,000 for not following the law and order. The High Court mentions that the petitioner is a fourth-year law student who writes himself as ‘ We the People Of India’. The court cannot provide bail to the extraordinary interim bil in pending cases initiated against a person holding high office.

As per the details, the student tried to ask for Kejriwal’s safety in the Tihar jail. The plea showed the concern about CM Arvind Kejriwal’s safety in Tihar Jail. As the news about his presence in Tihar jail confirmed, many were concerned about his living and security with the hardcore murderers, rapists, and bomb blast participants.

However, Arvind Kejriwal’s advocate, Rahul Mehra, is himself does not favor that PIL. He states it to be impermissible and misguided. He shares that it is not the first PIL for Kejriwal’s bail. There have been some earlier as well. However, it was all dismissed. The current PIL by Law student gets a penalty of Rs. 75,000. While the other one before him gets a fine of Rs. 50,000.

The student was also pointed out about his studies and time in college. Chief Justice Manmohan asks whether he attends his classes properly or not. Is he studying the law seriously or not? The petitioner cannot extend the personal bond in favor of Kejriwal as he does not have enough political power at the moment. He is currently pursuing law as a 4th year student.

The petitioner is coming in the headlines for his approach. The High Court cannot grant bail to the extraordinary interim bill pending cases. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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