Recently, the Government of India banned the export of onions to any nation. The government believed that anytime, because of weather conditions, India itself could see a rise in the price of onions, but as per reports, the Government of India lifted the ban for Bangladesh. People are saying this is a gift from the government of India to the people of Bangladesh on the occasion of Eid, and some people believe that this might hurt India in the future if the weather conditions do not come in favour of farmers.

Despite the export ban, India allows 50,000 metric tonnes of onions to reach Bangladesh for Eid

The decision to export from India came after the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, was sworn in for her fifth term as a prime minister. The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, had good relations with the Indian government because of her father and the then-Indian government helped Bangladesh liberate itself from Pakistan and its atrocities.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the demand for onions skyrockets in nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh, where the onion plays a main ingredient in many dishes and iftar. As per reports, the annual demand in Bangladesh for onions is around 2.5 million metric tonnes, and the country produces around 90% of the demand, while the rest is imported from other nations, mostly India.

Last year, only India exported around 7 lakh metric tonnes of onion to Bangladesh, which helped India earn more foreign search. But this time, the government is concerned about many export products. Last time, India saw a massive price hike on onions, reaching 400 INR/KG, causing people a lot of trouble to even afford it.

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