Dubai has rained heavily in the past week. Thus, the effects are visible on the country both physically and economically as well. We will share details about climate change’s impact on Dubai this year. The sudden heavy rainfall in some countries and extreme heat waves in others are all results of human interference and climate change. However, only proper research can confirm the role of all of them in climate change.

Economic Impact Of Heavy Rainfall In Dubai

The economic impacts of rainfall on Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are visible. The rainfall started on 15 April 2024, Monday night, and continued for some days leading to roads submerging in water. Days after the rainfall, roads, and parks are still having rainwater. Everyone is eager to know more about the heavy falling rains.

The climatologists and weather forecasters announced a storm coming towards Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Thus, the possible reasons behind the storm might be climate change and human interference with rainfall. Recently, the UAE raised the cloud seeding program under which the clouds were injected to cause rainfall. The trigger of the rainfall can also be the reason for the heavy rains.

Apart from that, rainfall also had a severe impact on Dubai’s economy. The country does not have infrastructure and buildings due to the heavy rains. Thus, the buildings had some damage as well. Apart from that, the drainage system cannot absorb heavy rainfall because of its designing. Thus, there is a lot of water on the roads and the cars are sinking into the water. Transportation become quite difficulty in the area. The authorities are trying their best to improve the system. However, the country considered it as an expense an avoided it previously.

As there is never such rainfall in the countries like Dubai. It is a dry country and no crops grow naturally. Currently, the schools are closed for four days, The students are not able to study well. The government employees are working from home where possible. Also, the people are advised to stay inside their houses.

Apart from that, several discussions are going on about the rainfall on the X. Auroop Ganguly mentions that the research and studies can confirm the role of artificial rain and climate change in heavy rainfall. It also led to fall in the tourism industry impacting the country directly in four days. We hope you get enough details about the Heavy rains and floods’ impact on Dubai’s economy. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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