The Lok Sabha Polls are arriving soon. However, amid the elections, there are a lot of other things going on in the country. As per sources, the Election Commission of India recorded the highest-ever seizure of inducements before the Lok Sabha election. We will share details about the upcoming seizure of inducement data below. It is said to be the highest-ever seizure of inducement recorded in the history of India after its independence.

Election Commission of India Records the Highest Ever Seizure Of Inducements

ECI Records Seizures Of Inducement Pre-Lok Sabha Elections

The Election Commission Of India records the Seizures of inducement pre-lok Sabha elections. The election will take place in different phases starting from 19 April 2024. Till now, the seizures of inducement amount to Rs. 4,650 crore. It is the time just before the beginning of the Lok Sabha elections.

The percentage of seizures increased rapidly in the past five years. The previous Lok Sabha election in 2019 had Rs.3,475 crores of amount seized. The majority of the seized amount comes from drugs and narcotics. Elections must be a level playing field. However, the involvement of black money is increasing daily.

A fair election will always provide an equal opportunity to both the voter and the participant. However, the corruption and increasing inducement took the game to another level. Thus, the phase elections I are going under the proper security. The main things to consider the tightening, monitoring, and ensuring everything is accurate.

There is a need to stop the inducement to allow the citizens to vote for the participant they want to vote for in real. As per the details, the seizure amount is the highest this year with Rs. 100 crore seizures every day in March. There are a total of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. Thus, the voting procedure will take place in seven phases in total. After the completion of the voting process in seven phases, there will be counting on 4 June.

It will play a crucial role in the selection of our upcoming prime minister in the country. The seizures number is the highest in this election. There are around Rs. 45.59 crore of the cash seized in Karnataka alone. Apart from that, Alcohol was also seized worth Rs. 151 Crore. Karnataka is going to conduct the election soon. Thus, the Karnataka Chief Electoral Officer mentions the seized amount as narcotics of Rs. 9.93 Crores, Gold of Rs. 56.86 Crore, and freebies of Rs 7.73 Crore. There were 1,650 FIR recorded during the process. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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