A house in Ambala caught fire recently. The owner was about to re-paint the house with some renovation work. The paints, being highly flammable, were destroyed in the fire. The fire brigade was called to control the situation. As per the reports, the man lost lakhs of rupees. We will share details about Ambala’s full-fire news coverage below. The fire incident led everyone in the nearby area to panic.

Fire Breakout in Paint Buckets In Ambala

A House In Ambala Caught Fire: What Happened Next?

A house in sector 9 of Ambala City caught fire for unknown reasons. However, there was a lot of paint material in the house. The owner was planning to start painting the house. He brought the paint to continue the work smoothly the next day. However, the house caught fire. The landowner’s name is Shelly Ahuja. He called the fire department as soon as he got to know. It was around 3:30 p.m. According to the details and investigation, paint material was found in large quantities, along with a thinner kept near it. Chief Fire Officer Tarsem Rana learned about the situation in the afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

Shelly called the fire department immediately, which arrived with five vehicles to control the fire. The fire department started working on extinguishing the fire immediately. However, it took around 1 hour to control the fire spread widely around the house. As per the details, There is no human loss of life. However, the owner does mention the loss of material worth lakhs of rupees in the fire. The fire department gave their full efforts to control the fire. However, a significant material wealth loss occurred in the process itself. The investigation team tried to find out the reason behind the fire.

However, there have yet to be any clear reasons behind the fire mentioned. The large quantities of paint wholly destroyed in the fire can be a big reason for the fire. As the temperatures rise in the summer season, the flammable paints can easily cause a fire. However, we must wait for the exact reason behind the fire before any confirmation. We will provide further details as the investigation concludes the reason. Stay tuned for more information on our website. We keep bringing such updates about your area to our website.

Such fire incidents can be harmful or life-threatening. Thus, it is important to take safety measures to avoid such circumstances. Even though uncertainty is not in our hands, we can reduce such chances.

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