India’s quick commerce industry has risen with massive growth in the past years. Nowadays people prefer to use quick commerce services for their daily needs and order products to save their time. Blinkit, Swiggy’s Instamart, and Zepto are some prominent existing companies working in this category. But as per the news, the well-known e-commerce platform Flipkart is planning to enter quick commerce services. Let’s discuss below how Flipkart can dominate the quick commerce market and will create space for itself.

Flipkart to enter quick commerce Industry, Can it Impact Blinkit and other Brands?

Currently, the company is preparing to set up this and establish its quick commerce venture in cities like Bengaluru, Delhi (NCR), and Hyderabad. Quick Commerce Services are popular because of their 10-15 min delivery service that attracts customers and is sometimes very useful for those people who need specific products urgently. In the next six to eight weeks they are planning to start this service in nearly 12 cities.

Flipkart has tried to enter QuickCommerce two times and this going to be the third attempt by it. Currently, the QC industry is rising with a growth rate of nearly 27% and it is expected to reach $8,828 million by 2028.

There are 3-4 companies in the Quick Commerce industry in which Blinkit has nearly 46% market share. Along with it, another big player Zepto also has a good market share with a valuation of $1,400 million. Now after the latest news about Flipkart’s entry into Quick Commerce, we can expect a major disruption in the industry and it may be interesting to see how Flipkart will create space for itself by dominating existing players.

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