The Kanchanjunga Express train accident took place on 17 June 2024, Monday taking the lives of 15 people including the driver and the assistant of the goods train. The main reason behind the accident is said to be a human error. At the same time, the death count is still going on. Several people are injured in the accident. There is a supply of help for the victims. West Bengal train accident reports are live. Helpline numbers are also provided for those seeking help for their relatives on the train.

Goods Train Collides with Kanchanjunga Express Over 15 People Died

Kanchanjunga Express Train Accident Recent Updates

Kanchanjunga Express had an accident in Darjeeling West Bengal. The accident occurred due to the collision of the goods train with the passenger train. The accident took place at 8:50 a.m. According to the details, the Kanchanjunga Express was going towards the Sealdah. Till now, 15 people passed away in the accident. There are 20-25 people injured in this brutal collision of trains. The government is going to provide help to the deceased. PM Modi announces ex-gratia of Rs. 2 Lakhs to the families of those who died in the accident.

The government will also provide Rs. 50,000 to those suffering from the injuries in the accident. While, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee is going to the accident site. The pictures from the accident show one train container beneath the other. Those having family members travelling on that train can contact the following helplines for help:



Helpline No. GHY Station


The collision took place near New Jalpaiguri Station. According to the sources, the accident occurred because of the human error. The passenger train driver overhot the signal. Thus, it took the lives of the driver and assistant driver of the goods train. While a lot of people travellers in the train are safe. There is live footage of the passengers explaining the situation at the accident site. A passenger on the train mentioned that when the collision took place the people in his berth felt the shock. As they came out, they came to know that it was an accident.

Around 10 buses of North Bengal Rashtriya Paribahan Nigam are moving to the accident site to provide help. The train number 13174 Kanchanjunga Express was moving from Agartala. While, the collision takes place in the Phansidewa area of Darjeeling, West Bengal. With the goods train. As the accident led to severe results, the railway department cancelled 19 trains. All the engines that are in good condition will be attached to the new engine. The track clearing is taking place at the moment.

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