The e-commerce policy might feature the 100-day government agenda. Recently, the sellers complained that they don’t get enough information about the customers. Thus, it is a big issue that needs our attention. We will share details about E-Commerce Policy updates below. The e-commerce policy has been pending for a long time. Thus, the new 100-day government agenda can fulfill the needs of the hour. Let us have a look at the e-commerce policy updates below.

Government 100-Day Agenda may bring Long-Term E-Commerce Policy

If the E-Commerce Policy gets addressed, there will be a lot of issues solved in the e-commerce sector. The major issues like additional taxes on e-commerce firms, and not having enough consumer details will surely get some solution. It will not only provide relief to the e-commerce platform operators, it will also be beneficial for the government. It will be able to balance the interests of small businesses.

The conflicts go on between the small businesses and the large businesses that lead to the e-commerce policy still being pending. All the small businesses are demanding the big platforms to share the details of the customers. MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises) are also in favor of these small businesses. They ask for customer data sharing and private-label selling.

Apart from that, all the big companies and platforms ask for a lenient approach and the marketplace also demands the same. For the additional taxation issues, there will be a proper need to check whether the product is under a threshold limit or not. Thus, if it exceeds, there can be additional tax as well.

Another big issue is the discussion about allowing small businesses to sell with their private label. However, it is rarely preferred anywhere. India is a country with a large number of small and medium businesses. Thus, if the e-commerce policy gets approved, there will be some solutions to such topics. Many retailers want the details about the consumers. However, they aren’t able to get it.

E-commerce and the market places grown at a rapid speed in the past few years. It expects to grow even more in the coming years. More and more people are engaging in these businesses. The best example is the dropshipping. It also makes e-commerce easier for you. Also, you don’t necessarily keep the inventory with you. We hope you get enough details about the E-Commerce pending policy above. Stay tuned for more information.

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