As we all know, the Indian government is now taking severe steps to increase the use of green energy in the transport sector. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is working to speed up the project of using green hydrogen in the transport sector. On Wednesday 15th Feb 2024, the Union government announced the guidelines for undertaking pilot projects using green hydrogen in the transport sector.

Govt Green Hydrogen Guidelines

The union government is likely to invest more in the green hydrogen project in the upcoming months, boosting the usage of green energy in the transport sector. The rising usage of green hydrogen will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. The ministry has launched several schemes to promote this step. Currently, these schemes will support the development of technologies that boost the use of green hydrogen as fuel in buses, trucks, and four-wheelers with fuel cell-based or internal combustion engine-based propulsion technology.

The scheme will help the country to reduce the carbon emissions which come from the transport sector. If the project works great then green hydrogen can be the best alternative to fossil fuel everywhere. The government also encouraging people to choose ethanol-friendly cars that come with green hydrogen support and can run on ethanol blended fuel.

Now comes the investment in this project from the government. So, as per the current information, the scheme will have around ₹496 crore budget for the fiscal year 2025-26. It is likely possible and we can expect more investment from the government in this technology if it works well and reduces carbon emissions in the future.

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