HCL Tech and Google Cloud will strengthen their partnership further. HCL Tech will provide 25,000 engineers to help in Google’s AI model further advancement. We will share details about HCL Tech and Google Cloud services integration below. The main motto for this collaboration is to scale the Gemini. It is an AI-based language model that can be beneficial in several works. Thus, HCL Tech puts its hand forward to have a deal with Google Cloud upon the utilization of Gemini. They will provide industry solutions by collaborating with the technologies.

HCL Tech and Google Cloud to Strengthen Their Partnership

HCL Tech And Google Cloud Strengthen Their Partnership

HCL Tech and Google Cloud will work together to provide industry solutions. Thus, HCL will continue with its 25,000 engineers who will be working on Gemini. Both parties will benefit from it. HCL and Google Cloud will be able to provide better solutions to their clients by working together. The use of Generative AI will shorten the time consumed. Thus, the efficiency will increase for both companies. There will be more time for the other creative and required work. As generative AI can learn new things easily compared to humans.

Thus, HCL’s 25,000 engineers will first learn to use the Gemini and will train it further to bring some modifications. The output will be useful for both companies in collaboration. The use cases can be different based on the needs of the individuals. HCL will be empowering its AI with this collaboration. As a tech company, individuals need to have the use of AI to stay ahead of the competition. It is the need of the changing hours.

If we talk about Generative AI. It has an unexpected capacity. The word generative is special in this type of AI. Because generative AI is capable of learning and creating things on command. For example, several websites use generative AI to provide customization features. The Sora AI is capable of creating videos from text. Other software creates the desired image through text as well.

These show only a few percentage of the potential of AI. HCL Technologies and Google’s collaboration is going to be fruitful for many. It will provide the best industry solution to the needs of the clients. The company will now work upon some advanced codes, and regenerate codes for the advancement. The results of the collaboration might be visible soon. We will provide more updates shortly. Stay tuned to our website for more information.

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