Digital Tech and AI are contributing to a healthier India. There is a lot of advancement that provides health care facilities in remote areas. The internet connectivity and online connection provide a lot of help in strengthening healthcare in India. The approach is more patient-centric now. The convenience of the patient matters more now. What are the major benefits of AI and Digital tech in health care? Let us explore below.

How Digital Tech And AI Contributes To A Healthy India?

How Digital Tech And AI Contributes To A Healthy India?

Digital Tech and AI are now so much into our lives that it has both positive and negative impacts. Digital Tech is helping us stay updated about our current health conditions. Gadgets like the Apple smartwatch tracks heartbeat and other important body functions with accuracy. There are some famous incidents where people thanked these gadgets for saving their lives by alerting them to visit a doctor at the right time.

AI enhancement raised the bar even higher. With its entry into the medical sector, it can even diagnose the diseases at their earlier stage. The early symptoms that would be harder to detect otherwise become easier and more accurate with AI. Apart from diagnosis, AI is also moving into treatments. The work is continuously going on to make the machines more precise and accurate in handling the surgeries at an advanced level. It is said that an AI-based machine can be more accurate in high-level surgeries than a human. Thus, it can increase the success rate of surgeries as well.

If we talk about the basic level of tech, smartphone applications play another role in health care. Apps like E-Sanjeevani help in consulting doctors over the telephone or video conference. Thus, this telemedicine service is acting as a bliss to many people who are at a far distance from doctors’ clinics. Digitalisation is having a stronger impact post-COVID-19. India has a lot of religious places. Thus, every year several yatras to some religious places. It also requires an active health care.

Thus, eSwasthya Dham is another tool that helps in tracking the pilgrim’s health status. It ensures a smooth and fit journey to the dham like Chardham Yatra. The facility is promoted by the Uttrakhand government in collaboration with WISH (Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Healthcare). The E-Swastiya dham portal is just one example of several initiatives the government is taking to promote health care through tech and AI. Stay tuned for more information.

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