In the World Trade Organisation, the Indian government raises issues such as financial inclusion, food security, and technology cooperation. India also raised concerns about international transactional costs and asked world trade organisations to lower transactional costs for smooth trade between nations.

India calls for the WTO to Prioritise Financial Inclusion, Food Security, and Technological Cooperation

India raises problems that usually every developing country faces. The Indian delegate also talked about the last 30 years of progress of the World Trade Organisation and India’s development with it. Many policies of the World Trade Organization work as barriers to technology transfer and have high transactional costs.

India asked members of the World Trade Organisation to think about the agenda and open possibilities for smooth trade. India also said that world trade organisation bodies are underutilised, like the Working Group on Trade and Technology Transfer and the Working Group on Trade, Debt, and Finance.

The World Trade Organisation is not a worldwide organisation, but still, many members of the United Nations organisations are part of the World Trade Organisation, the World Trade Organisation is the only organisation that is responsible for smooth and fair trade between nations, and it works as a mediator between the nations so that no nation can turn its back on others.

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