Sensex and Nifty get their all-time high for the first time. Everyone is eagerly awaiting what will happen next in the share market now. The market hits Rs. 400 lakh crore in combined market capitalization. It is the first time that all the listed companies on BSE crossed the mark together. It took several years and a decade to reach the mark of 400 Lakh crore starting from Rs. 100 Lakh Crore. We will share details about India’s market capitalization below.


India’s market capitalization reached Rs. 400 Lakhs Crore for the first time including all listed companies in BSE. The market touched its first Rs. 100 lakhs Crore in 2014. It took seven years to double. Thus, it reached Rs. 200 Lakhs Crore in 2021. The growth is becoming faster slowly. Thus, the market made a total of Rs. 300 Lakh Crore of Capitalisation in July 2023 and it reached Rs. 400 lakh Crore in less than a year.

There was a surge of 57% in the market capitalization. Apart from that, mid-cap and Small-cap had more rise in comparison to the Large-cap. Following are the details about the percentage of growth in all these sectors.

Mid Cap Indices: 60%

Small Cap Indices: 63%

Largecap Sensex: 28.6%

Many companies are showing their confidence in India’s growth. As per them, India will make its GDP of $4 trillion by 2025-26. It will double by FY34. Thus, India is getting good growth over time. People are growing more in the economy. The policies are catching the momentum. The sectors like real estate and infrastructure are developing. More and more people are entering the startups, providing more job opportunities to the people.

However, elections might temporarily affect the release of markets and the economy. Overall, India has a strong macroeconomics. India is moving towards growth at a much faster rate than earlier. Dalal Street went on a surprise after watching India’s total market capitalization reach the Rs. 400 lakhs Crore mark. It is a great achievement. The duration involved in it is very short.

If we look at the first 100 lakh crore and the second 100 lakh crore, it took a long time. The 4th 100 lakhs crore was the least of all time. Thus, it shows that the country is following the right pace and is on the right trend. We hope you get enough details about India’s total market capitalization’s new all-time high. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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