Indiabulls decides to raise Rs. 3,911 Crore from the Blackstone and Embassy Group. We will share details about this fundraising below. Indiabulls is a conglomerate dealing in housing and consumer finance along with real estate. The company takes care of the consumer’s needs and delivers the best to the consumers. The company will be taking up the funding after approval from the board members. Indiabulls will issue shares and warrants to the investors for the money they are raising.

IndiaBulls Real Estate Will Raise Money From Blackstone Group And Embassy Group

Indiabulls Will Raise Money From The Blackstone And Embassy Group

Indiabulls will raise money from the Blackstone and Embassy groups. The company will raise a total investment of Rs. 3,911 crore. It will be divided into two parts. The first will be Rs. 1,235 crore from Blackstone Group and Rs. 1,160 Crore from Embassy Group. Thus, Embassy Group will have 18.7% and Blackstone will have 12.4% of the company’s stake. IBREL will be utilizing the funds in the asset acquisitions and re-energize the business.

Indiabulls mentions gratefulness for having these new investors on the board. The team is excited to work on the bigger projects. The company mentions that they will utilize the funds for the completion of the ongoing projects. The completion will further raise their revenue and profits. Indiabulls will also re-capitalize the balance sheet. They want to grow both organically and in-organically.

Indiabulls will have around 9,13,55,606 fully-paid shares. The share price will be Rs. 111.51 per share with a face value of Rs. 2 per share. As the company will be issuing both the shares and warrants, there will be 25,93,69201 warrants worth. Rs, 111.51/. These warrant holders will be able to convert it into equivalent shares easily.

The two main shareholders of the company, Blackstone and Embassy are acting as the backbone of the Indiabulls investment. It considers them a great support in their current journey. The board says yes to the upcoming funding. They will utilize it for re-capitalising. The next thing is that they will be investing in the completion of the projects. They are planning some strategic asset acquisitions as well. They have been in the industry for many years.

The company is doing good in the market. The profits will increase further. Indiabulls is looking forward to some new deals. We will share more about the company’s upcoming steps and fundraising as we get to know. We hope you get enough details about Indiabulls fundraising above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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