India’s steel industry, in collaboration with the government is set to introduce Made-In-India branded steel products to the global market, marking a significant step in enhancing the appeal of domestic steel. Union Steel Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia announced this groundbreaking initiatives emphasizing its role in ensuring standardized quality from Indian steel producers.

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The move aims to create a distinct brand identity for Indian made steel showcasing the country’s robust manufacturing potential. This initiative, the first of its kind by any ministry, involves labeling and branding for products within the sector. The Made-In-India branding will cover select products from major Integrated Steel Producers (ISPs) with all ISPs and 65% of India’s steel products already on board.

The introduction of common labels for all product categories is a key aspect of this initiative, with allocated space for the Made in India logo. While the logo is being finalized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) the “Made in India” text will be used. Steel producers are expected to progressively expand their product range under the Made in India label, aiming to cover all products by March 2024 in the first phase. Subsequently the branding will extend to Specialized Steel Plants (SSPs) in the next phase.

To ensure authenticity and traceability the Application Programming Interface (API) integration for Label and QR code authentication has been completed. This system underwent successful testing by all ISPs at the end of October confirming its readiness for implementation.

The rollout has already commenced with ISPs incorporating the Made in India label on 2-4 categories of steel products within their portfolios. A formal launch for the Made in India branding of steel products is in the planning stages which underlining the significance of this initiative for India’s steel industry on the global stage.

This move aligns with a broader trend where Made in India products are gradually replacing Made in China items on global shelves. It reflects a strategic effort to position India as a reliable and quality-driven source for steel products. As the steel industry continues to expand its product range under the Made in India banner the impact on the global market and India’s standing in the steel sector is poised to be substantial.

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