Indian stock market has been getting a lot of investors for the past year because of the awareness of investing among the people. Nowadays, the flexibility in the world of investing encourages the Indian population to invest in the stock market. As per the latest data, India has overtaken Hong Kong as the world’s fourth-largest stock market. Let’s know everything about this and what the top countries on this list are available below.

Indian Stock Market Overtakes Hong Kong in the Market Capitalisation

As per the report of Bloomberg, On Monday, the Indian stock market reached the $4.33 trillion combined value of the listed share. On the other side, the Hong Kong Market has $4.29 trillion combined value listed stocks. The total market value of Chinese and Hong Kong stocks has plunged by more than $6 trillion since their peaks in 2021.

Indian Stock Market crossed $ 4 trillion worth the first time on 5 December. The massive rise of retail investors in the Indian stock market is the primary reason behind the extreme rally in India’s stock market. In recent days, Nifty and Sensex witnessed a high number of retail investors and bullish momentum in the market.

Not only retail investors, but foreign institutional investors (FII) also putting money in the Indian market because of the expected economic growth in upcoming years. One more reason behind the economic growth is becoming the best alternative for China. So, foreign companies choose India to set up their manufacturing unit in India. Currently, Nifty has a market all-time high above ₹22120 and may hit a new all-time high very soon. The ongoing growth of Indian Market stocks getting the attention of retail investors and we may see more growth in the upcoming days.

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