India’s Coal Production in March 2023 rises by 12.03% from 96.26 million tonnes in March 2022 to 107.84 million tonnes. Coal India Ltd. (CIL), Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL), and Captive Mines, among others, experienced growth of 4.06%, 8.53, and 81.35% in March 2023, according to preliminary data released by the Coal Ministry. Read More Business News on our website.

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“Of the top 37 Coal producing mines in the country, 29 mines produced more than 100% and another six mines produced between 80% and 100%” the report stated. Coal dispatches also increased by 7.49% from 77.38 million tonnes in March 2022 to 83.18 million in March 2023.

Coal India Limited (NS: March 2023) COAL) (CIL), Singareni collieries company limited (SCCL), and captive mines and others dispatched 64.15 million tonnes, 6.70 million tonnes, and 12.32 million tonnes of coal, respectively, for growth rates of 3.40%, 12.61%, and 31.15%.

Power utility dispatches increased by 4.36% in March 2023, reaching 68.36 million tonnes, up from 65.51 million tonnes in March 2022.

Coal-based power age enlisted a development of 5.70 percent in Walk 2023 when contrasted with Walk 2022, and by and considerable power age in Walk 2023 was 4.59% higher than the power produced in Walk 2022, the service said. Furthermore, from 1,28,026 million units in Feb2023, entire power generation increased by 9.13% in March 2023 to 1,39,718 million units.

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