In a recent event held in Bengaluru, Jensen Huang – the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, a prominent American chip company conveyed his enthusiastic outlook on India’s potential to emerge as a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

India's Largest Exporter Of AI says, NVIDIA CEO Jensen HuangHuang stressed the vast reservoir of IT professionals in India emphasizing that they could undergo reskilling to form the world’s largest cohort of AI experts ultimately positioning India as the foremost exporter of AI technology on a global scale.

During the event Huang underscored India’s considerable advantage in the form of a substantial workforce of computer scientists. He urged the nation to harness this resource and transform it into an AI powerhouse. This transformation, he suggested, could be facilitated by investments in infrastructure and factories dedicated to the production and export of AI technology from India. Huang noted that India already possesses the requisite data and computer science expertise to make this vision a reality

Huang’s comments followed his recent meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi. He foresaw the potential for AI to become India’s largest export product in the years ahead, surpassing the export contributions of any other nation. He underscored India’s unique strength in terms of intellectual capital referring to the country’s talented engineers and scientists.

NVIDIA has also established partnerships with prominent Indian conglomerates namely Reliance Industries and the Tata Group, with the aim of advancing AI technology within India

These partnerships have a primary goal of fostering indigenous AI-based systems and language models which in turn will facilitate the growth of AI across various sectors, including communication, automotive and IT services.

Moreover, NVIDIA is actively collaborating with Jio to develop AI supercomputer technology for the creation of advanced AI models. Simultaneously, the company is working closely with Tata Motors to integrate AI into various domains, including design, engineering and autonomous vehicle capabilities.

Huang expressed his belief that this is a golden era for India, citing significant international interest in investing in the country. He also highlighted that NVIDIA is currently engaged with over 15,000 Ai based startups worldwide with a substantial number of them based in India.

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