Interarch Building Products is a company known for filling DRHP papers. The issue size of the company is Rs. 200 Crore. Thus, the company will be utilizing the amount for different purposes. The company deals in making high-end metal products and covers a big chunk of the metal interior products market in the country. Starting its operations in 1984, the company files DRHP papers to SEBI. The investors are eagerly awaiting the release of the Interarch Building IPO.

Interarch Building Products IPO

Interarch Building Products IPO Details

Interarch Building Products has its DRHP files ready and submitted at SEBI. The company will soon open its IPO for the public. Interarch Building Products will have a face value of Rs. 10 per equity share. There will be both fresh equity shares and offer for sale. All the investors are eagerly awaiting the company’s IPO as the company expects to be profitable in the coming years. Interarch Building Products will have the following distribution of the shares:

  • Fresh equity shares: Rs. 200 crores
  • Offer For Sale: 4.45 Million
  • Interarch Building Products will have the following distribution in offer for sale by the promoters:
  • Arvind Nanda: 7.20 Lakh Shares
  • Gautam Suri: 7.90 Lakh Shares
  • Ishaan Suri: 5.40 Lakh Shares
  • Shobhna Suri: 6 Lakh Shares
  • OIH Mauritius Limited: 1.80 million

The shares will have different categories. Among them, some parts will also be reserved for the employees. Interarch Building Products expects its IPO to be released by mid-2024. There are chances for pre-IPO Placement as well. It will be worth Rs. 40 crores. The company will divert the investment amounts into different categories. Following is an overall layout of the IPO money utilization.

Interarch Building products have the following utilisation of the fresh issue:

  1. PEB Manufacturing Unit Setup: Rs. 58.53 Crores
  2. Upgrading the Kichha Manufacturing Facility: Rs. 19.25 Crores
  3. Pantnagar Manufacturing Facility and Tamil Nadu Manufacturing Facility
  4. IT Assets Funding for degradation: Rs. 10.97 Crore

Let us discuss the revenue from operations in the previous year below. Interarch Building Products made revenue from operations of Rs. 1,123.93 Crore. It rose to 34.6% in the fiscal year 2023. Apart from that, the company had a revenue of Rs. 834.94 Crore in the year before that. The company has had a rise of 34.6% percent recently. Interarch already made a revenue of Rs. 591.53 Crore at the end of the half year. Interarch Building Products IPO will be available in the market soon. Until then, explore details about some other upcoming IPOs on our website Industrial Front for free. We will provide the updates regarding Interarch Building Products IPO date shortly.

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