JSW Paints becomes profitable and moves faster than the market speed. The company is looking for more growth over two years. There has been a curiosity among the people to explore more about its financials. JSW Paints is among the prominent paint companies. The company crossed its breakthrough, they target revenue of Rs. 5,000 crores in the next two years. After establishing its feet in the paint manufacturing industry, JSW Paints is now moving into the decorative and coatings businesses. 

JSW Paints

JSW Paints company is now profitable for the year. The company has a revenue of Rs. 2,000 Crores. They aim to achieve higher in the coming years. The company is growing at a faster speed than the original. Managing Director and CEO Sundaresan mentions that the company will introduce new products soon. The details show that the company is growing at a faster speed than the market’s growth. 

JSW Paints proved themselves by taking the growth of 10x more than the industry. The company’s officials claimed themselves. They are focusing on the growth of their business with the help of the retailers. They are the backbone that helps in taking JSW Paints to the deeper segments of the economy. According to recent reports, around 6,000 retailers work with JSW Paints. Thus, the company is successfully making more retailers with 2,000 annual new retailer registrations.

JSW Paints also shared their opinion about the increasing competition in the paint industry. They mentioned that the increasing competitors in the paints industry bring good for the industry. It increases healthy competition among the people. The company is actively working in the field of decorative and coatings business. They have invested Rs. 900 crores till now. The company has been facing competition for the past five years. Thus, they don’t have any major issues that affect their business. 

Everyone in the industry appreciates the company for its marvelous growth. JSW Paints believes in consistency. They mention that the one who keeps putting in the effort will win for sure. The company completed its aim to reach a revenue of Rs. 2,000. They are working dedicately on their next mission to get a revenue of Rs. 5,000. They are hopeful that they will achieve their goal for sure. JSW Paints is focusing on its plus points to connect with its consumers better.

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