Heatwaves are increasing over the period. Everyone is looking for details about the hottest cities in India during the heatwave. With increasing causes of global warming, heat waves are also increasing. It has several side effects on humans as well. With the heatwaves and temperatures rising, new types of viruses are coming out like different variants of Corona virus. Apart from that, it also leads to several types of skin infections and allergies. There have been some deaths as well in the previous heatwaves.


Which Cities Comes Under The Heatwaves?

As per the details, there will be more than 15 cities in India that will experience severe heat waves. The cities are from the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Other cities like Kerala and Gujarat might experience the same in the coming days. Rajasthan and Madya Pradesh will go through the heatwaves starting from 10 May. Gujarat and Kerala will have it afterward.

Following is the list of the cities having heatwaves in the coming days:

  1. Barmer
  2. Jaisalmer
  3. Bikaner
  4. Sriganganagar
  5. Jodhpur
  6. Churu
  7. Jaipur
  8. Ajmer
  9. Kota
  10. Gwalior
  11. Shivpuri
  12. Ratlam
  13. Khandwa
  14. Khargone
  15. Akola
  16. Washim
  17. Malegaon
  18. Leur
  19. Gandhinagar
  20. Ahmedabad
  21. Survendranagar
  22. Rajkot

The cities will have temperatures from 42 C to 45 C. There can be light rainfall in these areas. However, the rest depends on the upcoming weather conditions. Cities like Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Karnataka expect light rain showers. Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand will have wet spells as per the current weather forecasts.

Heatwaves are also said to have certain impacts on the economy of the country. During the heat waves, students won’t be able to study well. The schools will remain off. Apart from that, the working group will also face difficulty traveling during the conditions. The temperatures are touching 45 C, which is a high level to bear by any individual.

Hottest Cities with heatwaves have released a warning by the weather departments. They are advised to stay inside their houses. Areas like Skkim and West Bengal are expected to have listening and thunderstorms. There are also formations of cyclonic circulation above Tamil Nadu. The cities are said to remain the hottest affecting productivity.

The country also expects to affect the working capacity of the country. Several steps are taken to meet the power shortages during the period. We hope you get enough details about the Heatwave alert and its impacts above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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