L&T Technology Services Ltd. will now offer help for the prevention of cybersecurity attacks in Maharashtra. The Maharashtrian cabinet showed support to the cause with a fund of Rs. 837 Crore or $100 million to reduce the cyber crimes in the state. L&T will work on the different aspects to prevent cyber crimes in the state. It will start with building a powerful software solution for the company. Let us discuss L&T Technology Services Limited new initiative below.

L&T Technology Services Ltd Will Work With Maharashtra State Cyber Department To Reduce Cyber Attacks

L&T Technology Services Ltd. will work with the Maharashtra State Cyber Department. The best thing is that the company is making a step towards solving an increasing problem in India. Cyber attacks are taking place at a high quantity. Everyone is trying to keep more protection of their accounts nowadays. L&T Technology Service gets a $100 million deal from Maharashtra State Cyber Department. Under this deal, LTTS will work on creating strong solutions utilizing AI as a tool for the prevention of such attacks. The company and state are thinking about creating smart and safe cities in Maharashtra where people can express themselves freely without any threat of cyberattacks.

As we all know, AI is at its peak. Thus, using AI will be a fast and effortless solution for such threats. Any cyber case will go through several steps in Maharashtra. There will be tools that will detect and analyze the deepfakes, voiceovers, voice tones, and images. Apart from that, other aspects like digital transactions will also be protected with AI even more. Today, everyone in every corner of the world is using social media. There are more mobile phones than the mobile users. Thus, people are on social media most of the time. It increases the chance of an individual falling prey to the attackers at any time.

The tools we mentioned above will help the victims of cyber attacks reach the suspect rapidly. The company expresses its excitement to work on this project and solve major problems. Thus, it will be a matter of pride for all of them. Maharashtra includes several major cities like Mumbai and Pune. The digital development of the state will make the residents happier and feel secure. The company is making plans to execute cyber security plans further. Thus, there are many things to come up at the moment. Amit Chadha, Chief Executive and managing director of L&T Technology also shares the details about 25 command Centres that will get their setup in the state for protection against cyberattacks.

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