India Maldives ongoing rivalry taking new turns as Maldives president issues a new statement over India Maldives relation. Mohammed Muizzu has announced the exit of the first group of Indian troops from Maldives before March 10, 2024. He has said various things while addressing the local media of Maldives at the time of the commencement of the final session of the 19th parliament. Let’s explore every detail here.

Mohammed Muizzu announced the exit of First group of Indian troops

Maldives president will not renew agreement with India. As per the local media source Sun Online, Maldives president Muizzu stated that one of the Indian Army military personnel’s three aviation platforms will be relocated by March 10, 2024. The remaining two groups will be relocated by May 10, 2024. He told the media that maintaining sovereignty and safeguarding the Maldives people is the primary motive of Mohammed Muizzu’s government.

Mohamed Muizzu has told media that he going to establish the ability of the Maldives military which will empower them to maintain the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) 24 hours a day.

Amid this battle with India, Maldives faces fewer tourists from India. Muizzu has recently visited China and spent 3-5 days there. After the meeting with China’s president, Muizzu has taken several steps toward the exit of Indian military troops from Maldives.

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