IMCD is a distributor of chemicals and ingredients. The company started its production for the first time in 1995. It has been running successfully over the past few years in different countries around the world. IMCD will be opening another coatings and construction laboratory in Vienna. The news went viral over the social media handles. The company will be using this place for several other purposes than the laboratory as well. The official website of IMCD mentions every detail about the opening that we discussed below.

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IMCD Founds New Coatings And Construction Laboratory In Vienna

IMCD founded in 1995 is going to open its new coating and construction laboratory in Vienna. These are the laboratories that conduct different tests on the quality of the manufactured goods. The accurate proposition of chemicals and the right manufacturing are important. Apart from the new Lab in Vienna, there will also be a lab in Austria. Many are interested in knowing the reason behind the coatings company’s new labs. IMCD wants to provide better support to the Southeast Europe partners through it.

The customers and the employees will both benefit from these labs. It will be a testing field for the final products and manufacturing of the company. Vienna lab will provide a testing zone where the sprays and the finished products quality check can take place. Apart from that, it will act as a training hub for the employees. The company’s main focus is on increasing production. IMCD new coatings and construction lab will be multi-functional. The best thing is that the company is going to increase its production further.

IMCD has branches in different countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Egypt, Switzerland, and India. The company wants to provide better quality products and its users. IMCD focuses on increasing its demand further by diving deeper into the existing markets. The company completed its opening ceremony. The pictures from the inauguration ceremony are circulated on the social media handles. IMCD’s CEO congratulates the team for another step towards growth and quality. They are all ready to work at the location.

IMCD’s Managing Director, Jonann Milchram, CEO Piet Van Der Slikke, and Technical Director Coatings & Construction Jerome Bollard were present at the inauguration ceremony.  The pictures show them in a row cutting the ribbon. The company is working day and night for innovations in the coatings and construction industry. We will provide further updates shortly on our website.

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