Nippon Paints business is growing in the aftermarket business sector. The company is looking forward to the growth and expansion in the field. We will share details about Nippon Paints’ aftermarket automotive business below. The company is growing forward in the field and reached $240 million worth of growth. We will share details about Nippon Paints’ automotive aftermarket business below. The company is currently trying to dive deeper into the industry to build its existence in the different segments of the industry.

Nippon Paints Aftermarket Business Growing Well, Reached to $240 Million

Nippon Paints Automotive Aftermarket Business Grows By $240 Million

Nippon Paints’ automotive aftermarket business grows by $240 million. The company deals in providing additional services like small repairs on the same day, paints, and decoration in the automotive industry. The company will be growing more in the field as it just started recently in India. It is also moving to other countries with the same business and ideology.

The company named it Mastercraft. They started it in India as a pilot project to test out the results. However, their vision is to go globally. In the next six months, the company will be turning to further expansion. They focus on their USP. According to them, India still does not have many quality services available. Thus, they aim to provide better services and options to the customers.

The services are already available in the Delhi NCR and Gurugram region. They prefer to provide the best services and can manage more than 2,000 cars annually. It is just a beginning. They will move further in the field. India is now the exporter in the automotive paints market industry. It is growing regularly. There is a million-dollar business in the automotive paints business from India. To conclude, Nippon Paints is a Japanese company that started its business in the paint industry in India.

It is now moving towards other sectors like repairs, paint services in the automotive industry, and small repairs as well. The growing business in the industry benefits the companies dealing in it. There are a lot of changes in the industry as well. Nippon Paints started an automotive aftermarket business recently in India. They worked under the name Mastercraft. The company had a growth of $240 million till now.

Starting from India, they are getting a good response from the consumers. Mastercraft is available in Delhi NCR and nearby cites only. They are planning to expand further in the market in the next six months. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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