In the ever-connected world of music lovers, it’s a common experience to wake up with a catchy tune stuck in your head but struggle to recall the song’s lyrics. Many have relied on apps like Shazam to identify songs by humming or singing them. However, YouTube has now made this process even more convenient by introducing a hum-to-search feature right within its platform. This feature reminiscent of Google’s search capabilities, allows users to hum, sing or even whistle a tune to discover the song they’re looking for. Let’s explore how this novel feature works and what it means for music enthusiasts.

Now Find any Song on YouTube Just By humming the Tune

Many people often wake up with a tune in their head but can’t remember the lyrics. They usually use apps like Shazam to identify the song by humming it. YouTube has introduced a feature where you can hum or sing a tune directly on the platform to find the song. This feature is similar to the one on Google Search, Google App and Google Assistant.

Here’s how It works:

1. Open the YouTube app.

2. Tap the Search icon in the top right.

3. You’ll see a microphone icon next to the search bar. Tap it.

4. Hum, sing or whistle the tune of the song.

5. YouTube will display the results it thinks match the tune. If it’s correct, you can tap on it. If not, you can try humming again.

This feature might not be available to all YouTube users in India yet, as it’s gradually rolling out to some Android users, especially those on the beta version of the app. There’s no word on when it will be available for iOS users.

With YouTube’s new hum-to-search feature, the days of desperately trying to remember lyrics or relying on external apps like Shazam to identify a song are becoming a thing of the past. The integration of this feature into one of the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms not only simplifies the process of discovering music but also highlights the ever-evolving landscape of technology in our daily lives. As YouTube continues to roll out this feature to its users in India, it’s bound to change the way we interact with music and make those hummable tunes just a few taps away from being identified and enjoyed.

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