Following India’s internet revolution, an array of new industries emerged, one of which is the online gaming industry. While gambling is largely illegal in India, there are some online gaming applications that, while not explicitly promoting gambling, operate in an ethically questionable manner.

Online Gaming Industry Budget 2024 Expectations from Central Government

It is critical to distinguish between legitimate gaming activities and those that may unintentionally encourage gambling-like behaviour, which is not compatible with ethical standards.

The government has recently imposed severe restrictions on “fantasy league” apps, including high taxes and TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on money transfers and deposits made through these apps. This action has drastically changed the fantasy app landscape and affected the foundation of the industry.

The Chief Operating Officer of MPL, a well-known online gaming platform, expressed optimism regarding the future expansion of the gaming market in India during a recent interview. The COO claims that there is a great chance for the sector to grow and produce Indian games that can be displayed internationally. As indicated in the interview, getting government support is crucial.

She went on to emphasize the importance of having a gaming course specifically in India. A course like this would be essential to strengthening the gaming sector and bringing the country’s hidden talent to the ahead.

Aspiring game developers and other members of the gaming community would also find these courses to be a useful resource, as they would equip them with the fundamental knowledge and abilities required to pursue prosperous careers in the fast-paced gaming industry.

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