DPMA (Delhi Paint Manufacturers Association) organized an event on the occasion of the Holi festival. Holi is a festival of colors. It brings joy and prosperity into people’s lives. Thus, DPMA is also marking the significance of the colors they use to paint the walls of happiness. The company organized an event for all the people associated with them. We will share details about Holi Mangal Milan Holi event by DPMA below. It is named Holi Mangal Milan by the company.

Over 500 Manufacturers attended the Holi Mangal Milan Event 2024 by the Delhi Paint Manufacturers Association

Jagdamba Petroleum India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the high-performing companies in the country. Thus, there was a great event on the occasion of the Holi festival. The event named Holi Mangal Milan took place on 22 March 2024, Friday. The venue of the event was the Seven Seas Banquet at B-28, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, Near Britania Chownk, Delhi-35. The Sufi Night event started in the evening from 7:00 p.m. onwards. There were both dinner and cocktail options available for the party.

The event was open to everyone. PaintVision remained the media partner in the event. There were around 500 manufacturers at the event making it of even more importance. The manufacturers shared their expertise and exchanged some meaningful conversations. These events become the best chance for all the industry people to share and discuss their ideas. The event takes place every year on the occasion of the Holi festival.

DPMA started several years ago. Its office is located at F-5/11, Lake Side, Model town-1, Delhi- 110009. While the company has several DPMA team members. There were more than 16 sponsors of different levels who contributed to making the event shine brighter. Different paint manufacturing organizations help to keep the industry under regulation and provide growth. The biggest association in India is the Indian Paint and Coating Association. Apart from that, the Delhi Paint Manufacturers Association is also playing a crucial role in the paint manufacturing industry and is located in Delhi itself. It takes care of the paint manufacturing processes in Delhi.

Holi is a festival that brings new beginnings. Many people took steps to build something new in their life. It could be a resolution or a self-promise. The association’s event brought everyone closer for a while. It freshens up people’s minds as well. Many don’t take a break from work and compromise on their health. It was a good opportunity for them. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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