Some Pixel users reportedly received free cashback as a result of a Google Pay glitch. Reddit reports that some Pixel users received cashback rewards at arbitrary. This has taken place in the United States, and only Google Pixel users are said to have received the money. In India, no such incident has been reported. Also, while Google Pay is a UPI app in India, it is a wallet in the United States. Read More Business News on our website.

Google Pay Cashback Glitch News

Google Pay Into the Headlines After sending cashback to Pixel Phone Users Mistakenly

Later, some users also reported that the amount had been taken back by Google Pay. However, Google has not yet provided any official clarification or comment regarding the error. According to user feedback, the cash that was received was typically distributed among multiple cashbacks. Some users said they got the money in 16 transactions, while others said they got it in 10 transactions. Others didn’t say how many, just that it pinged in their notifications.

Upto $1,072 Cashbacks Earned Through Multiple Transactions in The US

Some Pixel users have claimed to have received unexpected amounts on the Google Pay app, including $1,072 and even $100. The reports from Pixel users on Reddit can be found here.

They stated that they were aware of the problem and that it would be resolved within 24-48 hours. It would appear to be a major error on their part.

Some More Fun Posts Go Like:

When I did the same thing for more than $580, my notifications went crazy. I also reached out. Now, all of the deposits are gone. So, was it real or a fluke? I belong to the if it’s too good to be a real group.

“Could Google just say oops! Could they just say that I ain’t off the hook. Indeed a not-so-pleasant situation for sure!”

“So far, 150 over 16 different rewards.”

“Indeed, just 10 minutes and victory in 6. I’m hoping more to show up haha.”

Possible Reasons for the Glitch

A user claimed that Google’s updates to Google Pay’s algorithms, interfaces, and features, as well as vendor compatibility, were the cause of some lethargic and mostly arbitrary cashback.

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