BJP successfully formed the government for the third time along with the NDA alliance. All the ministers including PM Modi took oath on Sunday for their respective roles. While several old members continued as the ministers for the Modi government 3.0. There are several new faces in the parliament as ministers. Seven women become part of the members of the council. While two are also cabinet ministers apart from Sitharaman. As the oath-taking ceremony is completed, the next comes its work. Which department will be allotted to which minister? How will it impact that particular segment’s industry as well? Let us find out how.

PM Modi's 3rd Term And Election Impact On Indian Busiesses

PSU (Public Sector Undertakings):

Modi Government 3.0 is said to impact the Indian business a lot. However, the experts expect the impact to be positive. Several analysts predicted earlier regarding the industrial boost after the Modi government came into power again. How will the Modi government impact the Indian businesses? PSU is among the sectors expecting positive results and growth with the Modi government. Sources mention that around 27 PSUs will directly benefit from PM Modi’s schemes. Thus, the share market had an upward movement after the confirmation of Modi’s comeback. However, several factors like uncertainty about the Railway minister and Road and Transportation minister can be a concern.

Indian Railway Business And Roadways Business:

The shares related to the Indian Railway Department and the Road and Transportation can move downwards on the appointment of new ministers for the department. Ashwini Vaishnaw is currently handling the railway department. If there are changes in the role, the market can expect a fall in the shares due to a slowdown of the working process and implementation of new and different ideologies. However, it will be a temporary effect.

MSME & Exports:

Apart from that, the private sector will have an impact according to the policies of the new Modi government. PM Modi is back on its mission to make India a developed economy by 2047. The MSME sector has a lot of aspirations from PM Modi. The segment has boomed in sales in the past ten years performing well. New startups are getting the opportunity to lead the Indian market. There will be more focus on Indian-made goods and an increase in exports. It will lead to more and more industrial development and economic development. Also, businesses will be able to make in more profit and generate more employment.

Startups & Existing Big Businesses:

As per the recent details, the government will focus more on creating employment opportunities. The upcoming July Budget will be focusing more on the employment creation. The Indian businesses will have positive impacts on the arrival of the Modi government in action. The main reason is the promotion of favourable startup and taxation initiatives. Several changes like correction of inverted duty structures and rationalization of GST rates are expected. PLI schemes will come into force in new segments. The major focus is to include the leather industry so that more and more people can get employment. There will be more focus on labour-oriented jobs to expand Indian manufacturing and exports.

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