Prestige Group makes the best sales for FY24. The company is one of the top real-estate builders. Setting the benchmark high, the company is all ready to skyrocket its sales again for the current year. They had a 63% YoY increase in sales for the financial year 24. Thus, it was a great example for the real estate sector. They showed their real potential through their work. Let us dive deep into the Prestige Group’s new achievement below.

Prestige Group Made The Highest Sales Touching ₹21,040 Crore

Prestige Group Makes 63% Growth In Sales For FY24

Prestige Group sets a new trend by achieving a new height in sales. The company made home sales of Rs. 21,040 Crore in the fiscal year 2023-24. Prestige Group sales are the highest at the moment. They had a 63% YoY increase in sales, which is also a Rs. 12,931 Crore increase. The company has increased rapidly over the years. Thus, the expectations are that they perform even better this year.

Along with the Prestige Group, companies like DLF Ltd. Godrej Properties Ltd., and Macrotech Developers Ltd. made good growth in sales. They all cross Rs. 12,000 Crores. The company expresses its gratitude for having the best year in its name. They mention that it is all because of the right decisions and partners they made that took them the highest in sales. Their main goal is to work on further expansion.

They will also invest in some new projects. The company successfully delivered 19 projects that expanded on the 25 million sq. Ft. of area. They are doing their best to make further deals. the real estate industry is on the boom. There are several types of home projects taking place. Thus, Prestige Group’s upcoming projects are expected to be in the cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and NCR.

These projects will have an investment of Rs. 28,000 crore in the 30 million square feet of the area. Everyone is curious to know more about the upcoming projects. The booking often takes place faster for the properties these days. As the population is increasing, more and more people are creating more households to live in.

Property Advisor, Anuj Puri also mentioned the growth of the real estate industry to remain intact for longer. The Prestige Group gets the most sales because of the increase in the number of homebuyers and their need to buy from the top category. Prestige Group can plan to start more residential projects in tier 1 cities soon. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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