Bangalore: Rameshwaram Cafe Blast is making everyone shocked about who is behind this explosion. Till now 9 injured people have been reported and there is no update regarding any death. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has confirmed that it was a bomb blast. Also, the CCTV footage has been found and a man was seen keeping the bag in the Cafe. Rameshwaram Cafe Blast CCTV footage is getting circulated on the Internet and all over social media. The video is available below and as you can see people are running away to save their life. Also, the massive blast inside the cafe area can be seen easily, and people who injured during this incident.

Rameshwaram Cafe Blast Man

The blast was caused by an IED and the man in the CCTV footage placed the device inside the cafe. The suspected man had breakfast at the cafe and left the bag inside the cafe. The details are given by the CM Siddaramaiah.

Police started the investigation at the suspected place and did not find more IEDs on the premises except that one in the bag.

The suspected man in the CCTV footage has encountered with Cashier while taking tokens. Currently, the Police questioning the cashier to get more details related to the suspect.

“It was not a large-scale blast, it was an improvised explosive blast. Such things have happened earlier too, it should not happen. Let’s see what it is. In recent times, such blasts have not taken place other than the incident in Mangaluru during BJP rule. This is the first such incident during our government,” CM Siddarmaiah added.

The 9 people who got injured in the Rameshwaram Cafe Blast were the staff members of the hotel. The names and ages of the injured people are Farooq (19), an Amazon employee Deepanshu (23), Swarnamba (49), Mohan (41), Nagashree (35), Momi (30), Balaram Krishnan (31), Navya (25) and Srinivas (67). Read more latest news on the Industrial front.

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