Reserve Bank Of India asks for details related to order books, inventories, and capacity utilisation from the manufacturing sector. It is a part of OBICUS (Order Books, Inventories, and Capacity Utilisation Survey). The survey is unique and crucial as the government uses this data to frame the monetary policy. It gives a lot of real-life data to the company about product utilisation. Let us have a look at the RBI’s data collection and utilisation method below.

RBI Ask For Details Related Order Books Details From The Manufacturing Sector Companies

Reserve Bank Of India Conducts OBICUS In Manufacturing Sector

Reserve Bank Of India is going to focus on the conduction of OBICUS in the manufacturing sector which contributes to the manufacturing sector. OBICUS refers to Order Books, Inventories, and Capacity Utilisation. The central bank is not new in the survey. It has conducted the survey every quarter since 2008. Thus, the RBI is going to survey from April to June 2024. The data will include the order books, backlog of orders at the beginning of the quarter, pending orders by the quarter end, and several inventories.

As the central bank conducts this survey, it becomes easier for the centre to create exact monetary policy for the country. Monetary policy is the most crucial part of running the finances of the country. It decides the flow of money from one to another. Reserve Bank Of India takes this information to widely categorise each issue in these companies and how the policy will contribute to the growth. RBI’s quarterly data collection gives a lot of insights to the centre. Apart from that, the RBI is going to make changes that will benefit the needs of the people in the country.

The central bank also conducts the survey and collects information regarding the installed capacity of a country. However, the main reason behind this idea is that the RBI can frame the policy accordingly. In conclusion, the Reserve Bank Of India will release the quarterly survey named OBICUS (Order Books, Inventories and Capacity Utilisation Survey). It will help in framing the monetary policy. The government frame the monetary policy once a year. If there is a need, they make changes.

Reserve Bank Of India will look at the manufacturing sector first. It is the secondary sector yet plays a crucial role in our country’s development. However, the question arises about safety as well. The data that RBI uses remains confidential and is never leaked. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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