Delhi is going short on water this summer. Several reasons are contributing to the shortage of water in the national capital. While Delhi is not the only one in India to face water crises, the increasing heat has led to water crises in other states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra as well. The increasing heat waves and reduced amount of rainfall are the major reasons for the water crises. Apart from that, several states are agricultural states like Punjab. These states are on continuous fall in the groundwater level. It is below 40m to 50m. Increased wastage of water is another big reason.

delhi water crisis

Delhi Is Short On water, Ground Water Level Fells Below The Current Level

Delhi is short on water in its Chanakyapuri region. Five days ago footage goes viral over the X where people are climbing the water tanker to get water for their basic household needs. They are not able to complete their basic household work as well. Delhi’s groundwater level fell below the current level. Delhi asked for help from the Supreme Court on the water crises in the city. They ask Himachal Pradesh for the help. The state is ready to help. However, Himachal Pradesh mentioned to the Supreme Court that they don’t have enough water to give.

Himachal Pradesh has enough water for the state’s residents. However, it will fall short of providing Delhi help with 136 Cusecs of water. Thus, Himachal steps back from its earlier statement. Supreme Court asks Delhi to get help from the Upper Yamuna River Board. Delhi will fill out an application by 5 PM for the water crises to get help. On the other hand, Haryana also plays an important role. Delhi water minister and AAP leader, Atishi says that Haryana is not providing the actual water requirement to Delhi. Haryana is supplying less water in Yamuna to Delhi. Thus, the water treatment plants are not receiving enough water to supply to the city.

Delhi takes water from the Yamuna River only. The city has three water treatment plants. These are Wazirabad, Chandrawal, and Okhla. However, they are not getting enough water from Haryana as per Atishi, However, Delhi BJP president Virendra Sacdeve, mentions that Atishi is lying and misleading people. Delhi will get the final answer on the water shortage tomorrow. The national capital is also facing extreme chapters of heat. We will provide you with more updates about the final answers for Delhi shortly.

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