Serum Institute of India (SII) is under a lawsuit filed by the parents of a girl who passed away after taking the vaccine. We will share details about SII’s Covishield vaccine’s side effects and possible serious cases below. The vaccine was already limited in European countries because of its possible effects on the human body. The parents of the girl are angry and want justice for their daughter. Let us explore more about the lawsuit against the SII below.

Serum Institute To Face The Lawsuit For The Death Of A Girl After Covishield Vaccine

Parents Of A Girl Files Lawsuit Against The Working Of SII

A girl passed away in July 2021 due to the injection of covishield. As per details, her blood clot led to her death which is also a side effect of covishield. The vaccine made by the Serum Institute of India with the University of Oxford is now publicly accepting these side effects creating panic among the people.

About 90% of the population gets covishield. While the rest was with Co-Vaccine. There are no such claims about the other vaccine yet. However, reports mention that Covishield can result in Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome which leads to a reduction in platelet counts leading to the formation of blood clots in some conditions.

The girl’s name was Karunya. She left the world in July 2021 after taking the dose. Her father Venugopalan Govindan is fighting the case for her daughter. He urges to access the investigation findings to begin the hearings soon. A senior member from a Covid working government group mentions that Covishield has shown effective results for the rest of the population.

The victim’s family states that the vaccine led to the loss of several lives. Also, they didn’t provide enough information about the vaccine and labeled it as Safe and Effective. Even after the death of his daughter three years ago, the vaccine continued to circulate. Her father mentions that no regulatory body or authorities tried to create awareness about its dangers or stop the vaccine from being in circulation.

Several other countries banned or restricted Covishield because of its harmful effects. While the Serum Institute of India has not said anything yet. Everyone is waiting for their response. The lawsuit will proceed further in the court. The case will move on further shortly. A father is fighting for the justice of not only her daughter but countless others who died due to vaccines, but no one knows about them. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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