India’s Shalimar Paints has launched its new paint with the name ‘CareWood’. The director of the company Kuldip Raina has shared about this latest paint on his LinkedIn page. This new technology paint is specifically made for the care of furniture and maintaining the actual quality of the product. Here we will discuss the features and technology of the product and how it will bring new advancements in the furniture paint industry.

Shalimar Paints Launches CareWood with ultimate Features and Technology

As per the details, this CareWood paint offers extreme gloss which will enhance the shine of the furniture and make furniture look shinier than before. This will protect the quality of the surface with its technological upgrade. CareWood generates tough & Durable Film on the surface which protects it from unwanted scratches. The next big advantage of this newly launched paint by Shalimar Paints is a Smooth Finish which makes the surface smoother than before.

Shalimar Paints Director Kuldip Raina posted on Linkedin “Our newly launched CareWood wood coating range, not only enhances the beauty of wood but also protects it for ever.
CareWood ……The ultimate care of your wood.”

Currently, Shalimar Paints is getting feedback from the dealers and painters about this product. When the company will be satisfied, the product will be available in the market soon.

Shalimar Paints is one of the oldest paint brands in India. The company was founded in 1902. Now they have a wide range of paint products with ultimate technology and features.

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