Action is being taken against the Everest Company in Singapore for making products cancer-causing. We will share details about the recent controversy. The company is going through trust issues. After Singapore and Hong Kong banned the products, Indian Food Authorities also began the testing of their food products. As per the countries, the products are cancer-causing. However, Everest says that their products are safe to use. Let us dive deep into the market for more information about Everest and MDH’s product report below.

Spices Brand Everest Under Question Mark For Its Product Safety

Everest Under A Question Mark For Its Product Safety

Everest is currently under a question mark where the company’s goodwill seems to be losing its value. Everest is among the top companies in India as a food spices brand. However, the controversy is raising questions about its product’s quality. Countries like Hong Kong and Singapore banned the product. As per the countries, the product has cancer risk concerns.

The company claims and reassures the consumers that their products are safe to consume. After the news went viral, Indian Food Authorities started the quality check on the Everest products on 22 April 2024. Singapore tested only one product that was found defective and unhealthy.

Everest’s fish curry masala was the product that went for testing. According to the reports, the product has an elevated level of cancer-causing pesticides. Thus, the country released a notification mentioning all the consumers who bought the product to not consume it. However, Hong Kong did not conduct any tests on Everest’s products.

Hong Kong research was on the MDH. It suspended the company’s products in the country. They mentioned that three spice blends from MDH have cancer-causing ingredients. Thus, it is necessary to remove these products from the market. Indian Food Authorities are also conducting research on MDH’s products.

The products had Ethylene Oxide. It is harmful for human consumption as its increased amounts can increase cancer risk. Products like Everest and MDH are India’s number-one spice brands. If these are producing such poor-quality results. The products are directly impacting the health of the industry.

Thus, there is a need for the awareness among the people to stop consuming such products. There is a strong possibility that the Indian Food Authorities will find the same results in the products. However, the rest can be confirmed after the reports. We hope you get enough details about Everest’s controversy above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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