Sri Lanka increased its visa cost. The price almost doubled starting from $50 to $100. Everyone is curious to know more about the reasons behind the increase in the price. We will share details about the visa price hikes below. Recently, Sri Lanka has changed its ETA system to an e-visa. The change has been the reason for the price increase as the service provider also changed. Let us explore more below.

Sri lanka Visa

Sri Lanka is a travel destination for many Indians. People from several countries travel to Sri Lanka to witness its beauty. However, people visiting the country now must pay double for the visa. The earlier charges were for $50. It is changed to $100. Currently, VFS Global will provide the visa through the e-visa system. It will process all the details. Thus, the prices are hiked. Earlier, Internal Electric Travel Authorizations or ETA were used for the visas.

The travelers are looking for details about the visa issuance. Many people are confusing the Free Visa policy with Visa Free Travel. Sri Lanka will provide a 30-day free visa for seven countries. However, it will include VFS charges. The government of Sri Lanka will avoid all the charges on this free visa. However, VFS will charge from an individual or the party its fees. Sri Lanka has decided to go with VFS after considering the possible threats from the hackers.

They mentioned that the free 30-day visa offer is available for India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, and Malaysia. It will be applicable till 31 May 2024. Sri Lanka might extend its offer to 60 more countries. The decision will be announced in the next 30 days. It will take time for the finalization. Sri Lanka’s travel destinations are heart-touching. Everyone who visits the country explores the country for sure. 

There are a lot of disputes going on. There is no final decision made yet. Sri Lanka is also worried about the increased hacking. Therefore, the country has to take more steps to secure the website from increasing attacks. VFS Global will be working with the country from now on. However, the decision can be changed as well. There are also controversies going against the VFS collaboration with Sri Lanka. Many consider that VFS is indulging in corruption with these rates. Stay tuned for more information on our website. 

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