Startups and MSMEs are worrying about the instability in the market due to the unclear decision upon the next government in power. According to the results, BJP fails to have a clear majority of seats. Thus, it is expected that the BJP will come into power with the Alliance of NDA. Thus, the third term was not able to have a clear majority win which requires at least 272 seats by a party. BJP was able to get only 240 seats which was far from the seats to come in majority.

Startup And MSME Fears Instability Due to BJP Coming In Alliance With NDA

What Impact Do Startups and MSMEs Expect With The Coming Of NDA Alliance?

The details mention that Modi will become the prime minister of India for the third time with an alliance of NDA as he was not able to get a clear majority. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi tanked all the people to show faith in him. He posted on his social media accounts about his third consecutive win where people were showing their happiness as well. Narendra Modi makes promises in the video to continue the country’s growth in the same way.

But why do MSMEs fear the NDA alliance? The main reason is BJP did not form the government in the majority. Indian MSMEs believe that the Modi government supported them a lot. The MSME didn’t have enough importance earlier. The government helped them increase their earning. Recently, the 45-day rule was also implemented to help the MSME get the payment on time. However, they believe that it can continue only with the BJP’s clear win not in alliance.

They expect the alliance to have more benefits on the rural level with the basic welfare plans. However, the massive levels of the plans and the deeper schemes might be lacking. The start-up culture gets a lot of support from the BJP. The schemes like Made In India, and Startup India have led to benefits for the domestic businesses increasing the profits and earnings of the small businessmen. The domestic workers get more work.

However, the exit polls and elections 2024 results showed in the NDA alliance to form the government. It become a concern for many MSMEs about the possible policy change. The companies look restless because of the instability and clarity upon the final decision. They will get more clarity about the changes in the upcoming final budget. Startups and MSMEs have a huge significance and respect for the Modi government. However, the changing circumstances have created instability in the industry.

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