Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is introducing another season of startup stories under MSMEs. Tally Solutions is an Indian multinational company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company provides software-based business solutions. Running for three decades, the company has helped a lot in the growth of businesses around the world. Let us explore more about the startup stories below.

Tally Featuring MSME Stories Introduces Campaign #StartsWithOneCampaign

Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Will Work On the #StartWithOne Campaign

Tally Solutions is going to start another series of MSME Honours. The best thing is that it will act as an honour for the MSMEs coming into the series. It will also act as an inspiration for all the startups working day and night on the dream. Tally Solutions will be doing a campaign to encourage more people in the series who are pursuing entrepreneurship. The series will show us 20 inspiring MSME stories. Tally Solutions will work on presenting their journey using a storytelling format.

StartWithOneCampaign will run for two months showing 20 inspiring stories. They will also appreciate and honour the winners of the previous and current seasons. Several other team members of Tally Solutions presented their views in front of everyone. Chief Marketing Officer, Jayati Singh, also mentions the ongoing campaign. She says that the campaign wants to strengthen the entrepreneurship spirit among the MSMEs. The event will help other MSMEs to take inspiration and work more towards their dream. The campaign will focus on extracting deeper information from every MSMEs’ founders. It will include the core strategies, mindset, struggles, challenges, journey, overcoming challenges, planning, futuristic approach, keeping themselves updated, and many other things. Those starting up in their work will benefit from it. Thus, it can be the best knowledge that will also involve practicality.

Tally Solutions has been running successfully for the past three decades. They aim to reach more than 5 million people with their every story. Tally Solutions has prepared well for their marketing and advertisement as well. They expect more stories in the 2024 campaign as they believe this will encourage more people to share their success stories. Thus, MSME is booming at a faster pace. The country has more than 40% of the economic contribution through MSME. The government is promoting them with different schemes in their favour over time. Stay tuned for more information.

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