Tesla expects to have their cars on the Indian roads by the end of the current year. The manufacturing process starts for the Indian market’s right-hand drive cars in Germany. Tesla will send the team to India soon for the location checkout. We will share details about Tesla’s new setup in India below. The company gets a green flag after India reduces the import duty on EVs with some conditions. Some manufacturers will set up Tesla manufacturing units in India following the conditions.


Tesla can have the right-hand drive cars on the Indian roads soon. The company already started the manufacturing of the cars for the Indian market. Thus, it will soon enter the Indian Market. The news went out on Wednesday from a close associate of the company. As the company looks to spread its services to different states of the country, a team from Tesla will visit India’s different locations and check out the places best suitable to execute the manufacturing.

The company will have to work on manufacturing and exporting both. The EV policy by the Indian government also states the contribution to the domestic market. Thus, the manufacturing should aim to use up to 50% of the domestically made components by the end of five years. The government aims to strengthen the domestic market.

As the company will be starting its work in the country, there will be a good amount of investment in the country on a direct basis. As per the sources, the company can set up manufacturing units in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat. Thus, it will give more employment in the country. The companies related to the field can get good offers.

There will be billions of dollars involved in the manufacturing and battery ecosystem creation. Along with the local setup, the company is also manufacturing cars for the Indian market in Germany. The process has begun already. Thus, the imported cars can be a great testing ground for the company to observe the market needs. There will be some new small cars manufactured by the company as well.

Tesla is conducting the manufacturing process in Berlin, which is also the center of Germany. If we talk about the Indian market’s response, many people are excited about its launch in the country. Some people are already thinking about a car to buy. Thus, the excitement is real among the people.Tesla Might Have Thier Cars On Indian Roads By The End Of This Year

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