US Visa fees are going to increase from 1 April 2024. It is an important update for the upcoming non-immigrants. We will share details about US Visa fees hiking details for H-1B, L-1, and EB-5 below. The visa process for the United States has become difficult for students and other sectors for a few years. Not only students, but travelers will also get it at more cost. After the news, everyone is eager to know the new rates of the US Visa for H-1B, L-1, and EB-5 category.

US Visa Fees will be Increased from April 1, 2024 Know details for all type Visas

US Visa Fees Going to Increase From 1 April 2024

US Visa Fees will increase from 1 April 2024 onwards. The visa fees will increase for all non-immigrant visas, including H-1B, L-1, and EB-5. Let us look at the fee hike for the H-1B visa first. The main purpose of the H-1B visa is to take employees from other countries like India to the US for workforce, technical skills, and other positions. This provides them with a quality and skilled workforce. This visa is one of the most common ones as thousands of people apply for work permits in the United States to settle in the country. The fee for the H-1B will increase from $460 (Rs. 38356.34) to $780 (Rs. 65,039.01). Let us look at the fee hike for an L1 visa.

The US Visa fees for L1 are also increasing. This Visa is for employees who shift from another company in the US outside the country into the country’s office. For example, an Apple employee working in the Apple India office shifts to the Apple US office. They will apply for an L-1 visa. The L-1 Visa fees will be $1,385 (Rs. 1,10,000) from $460 (Rs. 38,356.34). The employees will be able to work there temporarily. This is for all the non-immigrant visa categories. It will help the employees to transfer from one country to another for important work. The last one is EB-5.

The EB-5 is a visa for rich investors who want to settle in the United States. Those having $5,00,000 of investment can invest in any US business and provide 10 jobs for American workers to get the residence. It is for those having enough finances and wants to contribute to the US economy. The government of the United States launched this scheme in 1990. Thus, it is one of the best chances for all the investors out there to apply for this visa. EB-5 US visa will reach from $3,675 (Rs. 3,00,000) to $11,160 (Rs. 9,00,000). We will share more details about EB-5, L-1, and H-1B US visas shortly.

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