WhatsApp will now give the Meta AI Chatbot features to some selected users in India. The company created its AI Chatbot to assist different apps and platforms. We will share details about Meta AI’s new features below. The company maintains its pace in the field of AI, which will assist the company in its further growth. AI is changing the world on completely another level. Let us dive deep into this new Meta AI Chatbot.

Whatsapp Will Now Add Meta AI Chatbot For Some Users In India

WhatsApp Will Now Add A Meta AI Chatbot For Some Users In India

WhatsApp will now have a Meta AI chatbot for some users in India. The company will have different features for its AI Chatbot. It will be utilized in all the products of the Meta. The best thing is that this new version will be able to do several tasks of generative AI like Chat GPT. WhatsApp provided a complete guide on the way to use AI chatbot in the app. It is quite easy with Whatsapp’s new design and update. Let us know more about the details of the Meta AI Chatbot below.

The first step is to Open WhatsApp and find the Meta AI icon in the bottom right corner. Upon tapping the icon, the users will be able to chat with the Meta’s AI Chatbot. It will be capable of answering the user’s query. Along with it, they will also be able to get the desired images. Meta also created 28 more AI assistants that will be utilized for different purposes.

Meta’s other products like Messenger, Instagram, Facebook stories, and WhatsApp will also have AI Stickers. Snapchat also has the feature of generative AI and stickers. The best thing is that Meta AI Chatbot will be available with vast features like image generation. WhatsApp is the number one Messaging app. India has every household using WhatsApp.

The chatbot uses a bespoke model on Llama 2 generative text model. WhatsApp is among the best chatting apps and the most used in several countries. Combining with AI features will boost its value further. Thus, the team is on its way to making WhatsApp improve daily. The image generation tool is making it stand out as a messaging app in the industry.

Those wondering the ways to use WhatsApp’s image generation feature will get their work here. Thus, the company will have the @MetaAI/imagine as a text prompt to start using this feature. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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